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18 astounding facts that might appear too incredible to be believed:

  1. Ancient Egyptian tombs have yielded jars of honey that remain perfectly edible, never spoiling over time.
  2. The combined weight of Earth’s ant population rivals that of all human beings on the planet.
  3. Bananas are classified as berries, while surprisingly, strawberries do not fall under the botanical definition of berries.
  4. The span of time between Cleopatra’s existence and the moon landing is shorter than the gap between her era and the construction of the Great Pyramid.
  5. An assembly of flamingos goes by the charming name “flamboyance.”
  6. The possible permutations in a game of chess exceed the total number of atoms known to exist in the universe.
  7. The peculiar cube-shaped excrement of wombats is a clever adaptation, preventing it from rolling away on flat surfaces.
  8. A remarkable 87-day interval stands as the longest recorded time between the births of two twins.
  9. Singularly, a strand of spaghetti is referred to as a “spaghetto.”
  10. Within Earth’s core resides an abundance of gold that could potentially blanket the entire surface with a 1.5-foot layer of the precious metal.
  11. Venus, unique among planets, boasts a day longer than its year, as its rotation period surpasses its orbital cycle around the sun.
  12. Cows display a surprising level of social bonding, forming close friendships, and experiencing stress when parted from their companions.
  13. Despite a common misconception, the Great Wall of China remains imperceptible to the naked eye from space.
  14. An intriguing revelation places humans in closer genetic relation to fungi than to plants.
  15. Crows congregate in groups known by the striking term “murder.”
  16. Tracing back through time, the oldest recorded recipe hails from an era when beer was the culinary focus.
  17. Three hearts propel octopuses, while their blue blood, unlike ours, relies on copper instead of iron for oxygen transport.
  18. With astonishing velocity, a sneeze can travel at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

These facts might seem too incredible to accept, yet they stand as true marvels of our world.

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